Sunday (on Monday) Stories: Show & Tell

A weekend spent excavating boxes from storage gleaned unexpected treasures, a trove of memories, and the return of Rabbit and Skunk and the Big Fight

It’s a day late and probably far too long, but please consider this my long-winded excuse for why you didn’t hear from me yesterday, with a few stories from my childhood and family lore I hope you might find endearing.

A proper written story is also on the way in the next day or so, but until then, please enjoy …

And if anyone wants to start bidding on the inscribed and autographed photo of tweenage Silver Spoons’ You Know Who featured about half way through the video, I’ll donate all profits to Emily’s List.

Bonus Find: Me & the World’s Creepiest 1970s Santa Claus

The author (left), totally not at all terrified by the department store Santa, Christmas 1972.

Pretty sure he also smelled of beef and cheese. “You sit on a throne of lies!”

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